Join the Hawk Knob Team

POSITION AVAILABLE: Operations Manager/Assistant Cider Maker

Job Details:

Salary: $14-16/hr starting

Job Type: Fulltime – Hours range and revolve around production and event schedules.  Some weekend hours.


Preferred, but not required, qualifications:

  • Previous brewing, cider making, or wine making experience
  • Farming background
  • Veterans
  • Truck and trailer operating experience


Required qualifications:

  • Forklift experience is preferred, but if you have any experience operating farm equipment, industrial equipment, etc. that will suffice. You must have some equipment experience to apply for this position.
  • Must be able to lift 50lb repetitively: Most tasks are not physically strenuous, however on some days there is repetitive heavy lifting.

Full Job Description:

At Hawk Knob we hope to provide more than the cider we make; we hope to share a little bit of our culture and Appalachian heritage. Since before, during, and after prohibition hard cider has been made in our region and throughout much of Appalachia. Many of these ciders were made from heritage apple varieties, wild apples, or a combination of the two. More often than not, these ciders were fermented and aged in used whiskey and bourbon barrels. While barrel aging and barrel influenced ciders are becoming more common these days, and considered by many to be a modern trend, this style of cider making is part of our cultural heritage. Much of what we do at Hawk Knob is an homage to the old-time cider crafters and our Appalachian roots.


In this position you will be trained to craft the Appalachian cider for which Hawk Knob has become known. You will be a representative of the brand, and as such, of the region.


Hawk Knob is also in the process of expanding our footprint into the “modern” cider market under our new sister brand MTN MADE. The new ciders coming out of this Can and Keg product line will be our presentation to the market of ciders that have bold fruit and herb influences. You will be integrally involved in team collaboration to develop these new ciders.


The position will include cider making, packaging, general farm or orchard work, and other duties as needed. You will need to learn the cider-making process, which includes fermentation, bottling, canning, and kegging as well as both the chemistry and biology inherent to these processes. Our ideal candidate will have a strong work ethic, team skills, be self-motivated, able to perform duties with minimal supervision, and have a positive attitude. The assistant cider maker is responsible for providing technical and supervisory support to the head cider maker to meet the quality standards of the cider. The position will maintain accurate records and manage inventories to meet cider making and bottling/production schedules. You will be responsible for maintaining the health of the cider and ensuring quality is maintained. The job will also include administrative tasks such as maintaining up to date and accurate records.


On occasion you will be asked to represent the brand by going to fairs and festivals to engage with the public.


The person filling this position will inevitably need to become a jack of all trades, so to speak. Much of the daily responsibilities, outside of cider making, will be operations and production management related. This will include transporting of materials, packaging, facilities maintenance, sanitation, organizing work schedules, and raw material forecasting.


Hawk Knob is in the process of expanding. In that effort, we are endeavoring to create a business that folks can be proud to support and that shines a positive light on our region and our state. We hope that anyone applying for this position will be planning to grow with the company and stick with us for the long haul. There will be incentives for the person who can fill this position and help us grow the company. As Hawk Knob is able to expand, you can expect compensation to increase as growth occurs. Pay raises will be offered based on performance reviews and continued expansion.

To Apply: Please contact Josh Bennett by email at